Brackets offer leveraged fixed payoffs within a range

Buy a bracket contract if you think the spot price can reach the claimable range within the term. Maximum payouts can be up to 10x your investment


Brackets use the Bracket Protocol


Bracket delivers leverage within a range of spot price

You can buy a bracket on any supported cryptocurrency. Your bracket will have a max leverage and a price range in which you can claim a payoff. Your payoff increases linearly until it hits the max price or above (max leverage payoff). You can claim if you are in-the-money anytime during the term or at expiry but you can only claim once within your “My Trades” page so make it count. If your bracket does not reach the claimable range, your investment is lost


Fund brackets, collect premiums


Fund brackets to collect premiums

Funders can write offers for available brackets. As a funder, select the starting percent of the claimable range. You can meet, beat, or enter a custom value. USDC will be used as collateral and is locked only when the bracket is purchased

Eliminates excessive collateral requirements
Eliminates unbounded losses
Reduces need for continual price updates as brackets are priced as ± percent of spot at time of purchase
Manage risk

Let's check out an example

Below we illustrate purchasing $500 of a 10x BTC bracket when BTC's spot price is $30,000

The bracket is in-the-money after BTC's spot price rises to greater than $36,000 and achieves the maximum claim at $39,000 or greater, offers a payout up to $5,000 which is 10x the initial investment of $500. Beneath $36,000, the bracket is worthless. The maximum that can be bought in one transaction at that bracket range is $981.90, and $10,053.13 through multiple buys. More 10x BTC brackets will be available at further out-of-the- money pricing