Buyers can take either the “stay in” or “break out” side and battle against each other for the highest multiple payout


Epochs are channels that run periodically


Epochs allow buyers to take the "stay in" or "break out"
side of the offer

Epochs are channels that run periodically. Epochs provide an even simpler experience for buyers to get exposure to channels:

  • Pricing using an exponential  weighted moving average
  • Payouts determined by the fraction of time the spot price remains the channel until first breach or expiration
  • ETH settled
  • Simple, one click interface

Use Epochs in any volatility condition


Epochs are rolling and funds are automatically transferred at expiry

Epochs make it easy to get exposure to a payout multiple within a fixed price channel.

Epochs work for high or low volatility conditions
Epochs will auto-cancel if the imbalance of investors is more than 15X
Epochs will run until the price breaks out of the channel or the full term is reached. All payoffs are auto-claimed.