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Currently in Binance Lab's Season 5 incubator, Bracket Labs is a new startup that creates leveraged structured products for DeFi. Founded by crypto and fintech veterans from firms like Consensys, Bloomberg, Barclays, D.E. Shaw, the firm simplifies the buying experience for complex derivatives / options strategies into a one-click purchase and makes it available on-chain. Its innovation on percentage-based pricing, time-based claims and custom expiries eliminates the need for margin accounts and other complicated set-ups.

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, has selected 12 top-performing projects for season 5 of its accelerator program. The new season officially kicked off on November 7.

We wanted to make products that were accessible and worked in all market conditions. DeFi can be inhospitable to new or even experienced users who are just delving into derivatives. Bracket Labs' two new products remove a lot of the friction from setting up strategies and help users make profit in any market condition.